Houston Oil & Gas Ltd. is equipped to handle emergencies in the event of any sort of incident.  This plan is regularly exercised as a safeguard to ensure all the personnel role in the event of an emergency, which allows us to alleviate the severity of the emergency.  An ERP outlines the measures a company must take during an emergency.  It particulars the emergency response resources accessible to the company.  At the same time, it frameworks roles and responsibilities of all respondents.  Our ERP describes how the company will work with various government agencies during an incident. Houston Oil & Gas Ltd. has a strategically managed emergency response plan in place to handle emergencies that is coordinated between highly skilled operators in the field and knowledgeable veterans working at head office. 





Houston Oil & Gas Ltd. is dedicated to the protection of life and property in all the operations as a producer in the oil and gas industry.  It is our duty to ensure the health and safety of our workers and any others that are involved in, or impacted by our manoeuvers.  We encourage Houston Oil & Gas personnel to offer their suggestions and expectations on how Houston Oil & Gas Ltd. can improve its safety program or procedures. Our standard meets or exceeds the standards set out by Workplace Health & Safety requirements.  ​Application of our program will minimize incidents and injuries for the benefit of our fellow workers, the public, the environment, and ourselves.



​Houston Oil & Gas Ltd. recognizes that environmental concerns are of critical importance.  Houston Oil and Gas encourages its workers to join the company in full acceptance of and compliance with the Environment Policy set by the company.  The company has created procedures that fully comply with federal, provincial and local regulations and provides adequate training to our workers to ensure that they can understand what is expected for environment protection.



Houston Oil & Gas Ltd. is steadfast in the management of its end-of-life liabilities.  The company invests on a monthly basis, addressing the down hole abandonment of wells, decommissioning of facilities, infrastructure and reclamation of wells that are non-productive.  We manage our inactive wells with a proactive approach to mitigate risks, maintain compliance with regulatory requirements and optimize economics.